Why should I want a SmartDrive?

You should be active and able to go out into the world! With pushing however, unlike the general advice with walking (where people cannot walk too much), people CAN push too much! If you push too much then you will be more likely to get pain and injury in your arms and shoulders, which may limit your independence. With the SmartDrive you are still able to push around in your chair as you normally would, but you can now go farther and faster with less effort! Use it when you need to get somewhere fast or up a big hill- don’t kill your shoulders if you don’t have to! Enjoy your journey with your SmartDrive!

Now that we’ve walked through all sections of the Smart Evaluation app you should be ready to get started! If you’d like more information, or someone to talk to please reach out to (?). And we hope to hear success stories of clients using SmarDrive successfully to improve their daily lives!